Kitty Pierce

Creative Design I Brand Development I Marketing Strategy

Hello, my name is Kitty. It's nice to (virtually) meet you.

There are a lot of designers and agencies out there, so thank you for stopping by my site. I’ll get to your most likely "About Me" question: "What makes me different?" with a few questions (and answers):

Am I Creative? Yup. 
From making my own toys as a kid, to designing, creating, and building jewelry, dried flower arrangements, grave etchings, faux painting, woodworking, garden design, interior design and much more...I LOVE to design & create not to mention, the positive reinforcement from satisfied customers.

Experienced? Absolutely.
My career has given me the opportunity to work with many different organizations — corporations, small businesses, universities, retail, non-profits and others. Each one has offered me a unique perspective of its market and specific goals. The industries have been extensive: healthcare, woodworking, wealth management, insurance, automotive, landscaping, mobility and networking, manufacturers representatives, food, tools, backpacking, jewelry, and many more

Am I a team player? Yay, go team!
I work side-by-side with a client's creative team, management, creative partners, and other stakeholders — listening, learning, and sharing design & marketing strategies to develop and implement well-crafted and effective communications. 

What makes me unique? I listen. I work. I deliver.
LISTEN - I want to hear your story, learn about your business or project, know your goals, and help you develop a plan. Having worked in design and marketing, I'm a hybrid, a creative marketing leader. 

WORK - I like to get my hands dirty. While in school I was either apart of the team or leading the team, the goal was doing the job right and on time!

DELIVER - Tight turnaround, client changes, and/or new directions, I will move quickly. I understand the approval process, legal reviews, and compliance regulations, I’ll help you move your project, even if we have to hurry up and wait. Deadlines are inviolable.

I hope I have the opportunity to meet you in person. Again, thank you for taking the time to review my site.

Happy Trails!


What I learned about the Irish, the women are strong & resilient!

What I learned about the Irish, the women are strong & resilient!

Some of My Client's Brand

American Hospital Patient Guides, ARI, Brandywine Hospital, Carole Landis Foundation, College Funding Solutions, Conquering Cuisine, Delta Sprayers, New Jersey Land Trust, OneSource Retirement Advisors, PARS, PatientPoint, PrimeMedia, Procensis, RT Specialty, The POWER of Professional WoMen, Readers Digest, Rodale, Stein Realty, Superior Tool and Manufacturing...

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